Point of arrival

Posted from Martellago, Veneto, Italy.


We knew  that the City of Copenhagen was fully committed for a special event at the beginning of the week to welcome the start of the IPCC works.

For this reason they are not able to  welcome also us today.

In any case, we have  planned  to arrive at 4.30 pm in the City hall and we’ll be happy if citizens or NGOs will be present to give us an informal welcome in the city.

Special thanks to the IPCC Media office that included our initiative in their press release.


2 Responses

  1. Loris says:

    great finish, great job, congratulations to Daniel and Claudio for their commitment and goal achieved.

    A promoter and all-rounder Daniel initiative heartfelt thanks for what has been done behind the scenes!

  2. Gunda says:

    Congratulations! You have managed the tour. You didn’t give up, even through the big storm. How do you feel? I want to hug you.

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