The Project

Why ride to Copenhagen?

On October 31st the IPCC 5AR Synthesis Report will be presented in Copenhagen, a document which contains a summary of the three volumes of the Fifth Assessment Report on Climate Change (5AR) which has been published in different sections since October 2013.

This is the most important document of analysis on climate change worldwide.

Venice and Copenhagen are two very different cities in the European Union from a social and cultural point of view, but similar for their close relationship with the sea, that has marked their development. Connecting them symbolically with a ride across Europe, on the occasion of the presentation of 5AR, is a way to highlight how their destinies are linked with the ongoing climate change.



Our journey is an opportunity to highlight through the media the importance to maintain a constant high level of awareness of climate change.

The trip is a sort of path towards the presentation of the IPCC 5AR Synthesis Report which will take place on October 31st in Copenhagen. With this project we want to give greater visibility in the media to the event, giving an additional visibility opportunity to scientific contents that will be presented on that occasion through the ride and the daily stop.

We plan to adopt a communication approach in order to facilitate the free participation of people, even just for a few kilometers. On the other hand, we are strongly committed to organizing conferences or meetings on climate change in several stops throughout the journey, involving in different towns the most representative local scientists who contributed to the development of 5AR.

The trip

The start took place on  October 14th 2014 at Piazzale Roma, in Venice.

We were hoping at that time to be able to symbolically inaugurate the bike path that will run parallel to the Ponte della Libertà (the long bridge connecting insular Venice to the mainland), which should be ready by September 2014.