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Daniele Pernigotti

Daniele is an environmental consultant (Aequilibria) with a particular focus on climate change. He is the Coordinator of the UNI (Italian Standardization Body) WG on GHG (GL15). He is also the Italian delegate in ISO/TC 207 (the part of the International Standard Organization dedicated to environmental management standardizations) on Environmental Management System and GHG. At the moment he is also the coordinator of the ISO/TC 207/SC7 Ad Hoc Group on Carbon Footprint of product focusing on the potential revision of the ISO/TS 14067.

Daniele gives technical support to Accredia (the Italian Accreditation Body) on GHG and in particular for the Emission Trading Scheme (EU ETS). More detail on his technical expertise are available here.

Finally, he is working also as free lance journalist with a specific focus on climate change. Experiences and articles on this area are available in this website.

ClaudioClaudio Bonato

Claudio is crazy…is indisputable!

He is crazy, for bicycles. Early in the morning you may see him riding one of his many bicycles and the mini cargo containing croissants and pastries to his bar.

If you like to talk about bicycles while drinking a good cup of coffee, his cozy bar is the right place to be in the area.

There is still a mystery as to the number of bicycles he ownes, and his wife is just half worried and half jealous, and reportedly said “As long as the bicycle doesn’t get into our sleeping room… everything is fine!”