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Posted from Martellago, Veneto, Italy.

We succeded in arriving in Copenhagen thanks to the help of a lot of people.

As we spent almost all the time of the last 17 days on your bike it is understandable that the first thank you goes to Selle Royal, that offered us the Supra, a very comfortable seat for long distance rides.

But the comfort of our bikes is also due to two other crucial technical sponsors. Thanks to La Stazione delle biciclette that gave us for a very special prize a perfect frame for our needs, specifically created on the measure of our bodies. And thanks also to Schwalbe that offered us the Marathon Mondia, a non- flat tire that is very comfortable in any ground condition (and we tried a lot of different ones!).

Thanks also to Gaerne for the little discount on the price of their perfect shoes for cycle-tourism.

An enormous thank you goes to Girolibero, in particular to Alice Tronca and Elena Riatti (without forgetting “Saint Andrea Ferrigato” that offered to transport our luggage to the top of Pian delle Fugazze), who worked in the preparation of our road book and actively supported our project, facilitating the necessary networking and media contacts.

As for the media, we would like to thank Prometeo of Class Tv and in particular Serena Giacomin for the attention showed to our project and the welcomed daily weather forecast for our trip.

Thanks also to ACCREDIA and Vento for the kind attention to our initiative and the active work to spread out our daily activity.

A lot of people could know about our project thanks to the fantastic blog that Alberto Berton realized for us.

Thanks also to Alessandra Sala for the English review of our posts, often written between 4.30 and 6.30 in the morning.

Claudia Rose e Marta Mancin, of Aequilibria, worked actively to keep in touch with the large number of subjects along our way. Thanks to both of them for their work.

Thanks also to our friends Selene Campanella (Grafis) and Davide Bonato (Gabo tipografia) for the help with flyers, promotional materials and the personalized stickers on our luggage and bikes.

During our trip some people offered us hospitality. For this we like to thank Progetto Manifattura, the local authorities of Kufstain, Ingolstadt, Nurmberg, Jena, the Bionergi Village in Bollowick.

We would also like to thank for that Luca Fochesato, Christian and Catalina, Michele (and for the very reach Italian dinner), Solveig and Michael (Frie Fugle).

A great thank you also to those who helped us organize the evening events as Giacomo Guzzo, Agostino Miotoo, Emanuele Bompan, Carlo Battisti, Michael Bürger, Martina Gura, Stefan Hohenauer, Gunda Krauss and Christian Escher, Mario Meyer, Karin Gleixner and Susanne Sproesser, Elke Metzmacher, Juliana Klengel, Jan Rickmeyer, Olaf Schätzchen, Kerry Zander, Jans-Erik Larsen, all the other people we may have forgotten and the hundreds of people that rode with us (associated with FIAB, Radlobby, ADFC or as single citizens)!

Finally we thanks the two women that are riding with us in our ordinary life, Sandra and Cecilia. They were patient to tolerate us when we worked to the tour preparation and spending several hours riding our bikes to be ready for mid of October.

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