We arrived in Copenhagen!!!

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Posted from Martellago, Veneto, Italy.

After 2041 km riding through 4 countries we arrived at the City hall of Copenhagen!

There was a concert on the square with several kiosks selling food and drinks and also a lot of people…. but it was not for us. :-)

It was part of an initiative of an association to increase the level of awareness on the issue of  torture.

We had several contacts in the last few months with representatives of the City of Copenhagen and the Danish Cyclist Association, but none of them was present.

The city of Copenhagen organized a special event for the start of the IPCC work at the beginning of this week and had not more funds for  any other event to welcome us.

Not even  the Danish Cyclist Association, which  had given  us  a formal support   from the beginning, was able to involve a few people  to ride with us for some symbolic km or to welcome us on the square.

But we were in any case full of happiness because in these 17 days we have really understood  that,  when travelling, the journey that you’re doing   is often more important  than the arrival at  the final destination, and when you ride by bicycle this concept becomes absolutely clear.

We have cycled  through such nice  landscapes  that it  was impossible to capture them in single pictures.

We saw the variety of  life with deer running not far from us and one of them crossing the  road in front of us at  night, a multitude of hawks, a squirrel running in front of the place where we were sleeping, a poor fox just run over by a car and an incredible variety of birds.

At every stop we met people interested in  understanding  the reason of our project and in the evening events we had great opportunities to discuss with experts and motivated people   various issues  connected with climate change, creating a sort of ideal network.

We experimented warm, cold, wind, rain, humidity, fog and serious problems with our bikes but we were determined to arrive in Copenhagen and we succeeded.

It is important to remind everyone that the meaning of our ride goes  beyond the challenge of two people  riding for 17 days.

On Sunday   the content of the IPCC 5AR Synthesis Report will be presented. We hope that each of you will pay great attention to  the content of this document as reported by the media.

This experience of Ride With Us is over, but the large support we had during  this trip has convinced us that the crazy idea of promoting an invasion of bicycles in Paris in December 2015 is not so crazy.

Now let us take a rest and  come back to  our ordinary life… but we’ll come back soon with  the crazy Paris idea.

7 Responses

  1. Why not? Il Pedale Veneziano (o almeno alcuni suoi membri) potrebbe essere della partita. Au revoir a Paris….

  2. Dik Hortensius says:

    Dear Danielle and your companion,

    Congratulations with this achievement!

    bets regards,


  3. Francesco says:

    Possiamo pur dire che i tedeschi hanno fatto una figura migliore dei danesi…
    Comunque, COMPLIMENTI!
    Attraverso questo blog vi ho seguito con interesse.
    Un saluto

  4. Marco says:

    Don’t worry about danish indifference!!! Think to Paris, are “only” 1200km… and I could also ride with you for a while…. (but only in the Padana lowland)

  5. Loris says:

    congratulations! the completion of your mission is the beginning of new challenges, ambassadors of life for all of us, our planet needs it.

    Thanks Daniel, Thank you Claudio.

  6. Fato puìto!!! Bravi !!

  7. cristiano says:

    complimenti e grazie…..un abbraccio ciao

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