Rostock, an unforgettable evening event

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Posted from Martellago, Veneto, Italy.

The 19th of October we cross the border between Austria and Germany with our friend of Kufstain.

Ten days later we’re ready to take the ferry from Rostock to Gedser in Denmark.

It was a great experience for us to ride through all Germany finding different landscapes, architectures and also people’s characters of this big country.

It was also great to have the opportunity to meet so many people in the evening events. But we are sure that the meeting in Rostock will remain fixed in our memory.

After the 45 km riding together with representatives of the local authority of Rostock and of the Lander, citizen and bike association, we received a warm welcome from Wolfgang Nitzsche, the President of the Rostock Council in the city hall.

Later we met the most active persons on climate change in the city and a group of high school students.

These student present an art installation combining 4 crucial topic for climate change: transportation, energy production, land use change and the consumption of goods.

Then followed an exchange of opinion between all participants, touching topics as the initiative already taken or planned on climate change from the city, the importance of a larger change in the people’s awareness on climate change and the importance of spontaneous initiatives like Ride With Us.

What to say?

Thank you Rostock (and Kerry Zander in particular for her work to organize our welcome and the event)… and we hope to meet you next year in Paris!!!!

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