Kronach-Jena. To go on the left or on the right?

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Posted from Martellago, Veneto, Italy.

What should you do if the map on your GPS indicates to ride on the left side of Steinbach and the map on your website to go on the right?

Easy answer: take the way straight on in front of you and head for the centre of Steinbach! :-)

We spent a lot of time trying to understand if there was a solution to combine the two options of our maps. The time was going by very fast and we were still in the Kronach area. Bearing in mind what had happened the day before we decided for the third solution and to ride in the most direct way to Jena.

That means that we rode almost the whole day along the main road together with cars. Sometimes they passed quiet fast on our left, but we have to recognize a high level of respect of German drivers (at least more than in Italy).

Riding outside the road in the first part of the morning we took also a wrong way in the mud and a right way with a tree in the middle…

The day was very cold and we prepared for the long downhill from Steinbach dressed as astronauts but at the end of it a fantastic Kartoffelnsuppe mit w├╝rstel warmed up our body.

In Jena a group of representatives of the local authority, the council member for the Environment, representatives of the Green Party and other citizens welcomed us. In the evening we had an informal meeting with other members of the Green party.

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