Schwalbe is the brand. Bohle is the company. 
Owned by the family Bohle since its establishment in 1922, the company is now being managed by the third generation.

Schwalbe international.
Headquarters in Germany, subsidiaries in France, Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands and USA/Canada. Distributors in over 40 countries. Production partnership with the Korean tire manufacturer, Hung-A, production in Indonesia.

SCHWALBE bike tires can be found in the USA, in South Africa as well as in Japan and Australia. In Europe, we are even the market leader! There are two reasons for this success.

Firstly, Schwalbe is “tire fanatics” and 100% committed to bikes as well as, for several years now, to wheelchairs.

Secondly, Schwalbe tires are not available everywhere, but exclusively from specialist shops! Because Schwalbe insist on qualified advice and good service.

Schwalbe is always on the side of those who engage in interesting activities to promote the use of bicycles. For this reason, Schwalbe is always very willing to be technical partner.

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