Paris is getting closer

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It seems almost impossible, but 10 days have  already gone, and now we start to see the first road indications to Paris.

Today we rode for 145 km (and more then 800 m of it  uphill) from Nancy to Vitry Le Francoise without contrary wind or rain.
We rode only 15 km less than the day before, but the different weather condition made all  the difference between hell and paradise, even for  everybody’s mood .
We were forced to ride along a path full of mud and our shoes and bicycles come back in the same condition, if not worse, than the day before but nobody complained about it and today we keep  smiling.
A few hundreds meters far from us, someone saw a wild boar running away very fast, followed by a couple of hunt dogs and then some rifle shots…but we don’t know the end of this story.
Before that we had seen a couple of deer running very fast on our right side and they went on riding for a long time under our eyes.
Also the soft up and down on the French landscape without rain displayed all its fantastic beauty.
We had three different tyres punctured (Alice, Roberto and Daniele), but our technical team, led by Claudio, fixed everything very quickly.
Finally we rode almost 2 hours in the evening along a canal completely in the dark, only with only our powerful light and we arrived in Vitry around 7.00 pm.
Tomorrow also Mauro will ride with us and in the evening also Thomas and Romain will join us, twelve people ready to reach Paris the following day.

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  1. Dal commento di Daniele leggo che è stata dura anche oggi… siete grandiosi!
    Ormai è fatta!

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