The organization is over . Now it is time to ride

Ride With Us has grown since the first edition in 2014, when Claudio and Daniele decided to ride from Venice to Copenhagen. We found a lot of support by an incredible number of people that rode with us along all the way as well as a great technical supporter that helped us to realize our small dream. We should mention  Selle Royal, Gabo, Grafis and Aequilibria and the huge support we had by Girolibero that helped us develop the entire bike track and offered us an unforgettable lunch for everybody in their old main office in Vicenza.
But if we compare it with the RWU 2017 edition, the organization of a tour for two riders in the autumn period was an easy thing. For example, you could  decide day by day where to sleep the following night.
The level of organization now is completely different. We are more than happy to see the increasing participation year by year on this fantastic, crazy idea to involve hundreds of riders through Europe on climate change, but this requires a different organizational effort.
Now we have an organizational committee (Corina, Alberto LG, Mauro, Alberto F, Paolo, Claudio and Daniele) that has planned every detail in advance for a group of more than 20 people that will ride to München and more than half of those to Bonn. Thanks to everybody for the time and energy spent for it…and for consuming  the huge amount of pizza and beer during our bike-committee.
But now the organization is (almost) over and it is time to ride our bikes. If you want to join us don’t forget to have a look on our website www. for the daily map and to follow our real position through the GPS livemap!

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