Ready for the warm up…of our legs

Today is the day of the prelude from the historical centre of Venice (the famous island) to Mestre, which, together  with Marghera,  is one of the two land areas of Venice.
 A few km to remind  everybody that the city of Venice is not only the island and, therefore,  a safe connection for  bikes between the different parts of the town is not only important, but  really fundamental. On this regard today is a happy day for RWU, because now the safe connection is completed!
We still remember 2014, when the  representative of the local government promised us this connection for the prelude of the first edition of our tour from Venice to Copenhagen…
But now the connection is there and, even if not yet officially inaugurated by the Venice municipality, dozen of RWU participants will Ride together along  this important bike path.
The prelude will start at 17.30 from Piazzale Roma and will arrive at the Hotel Tritone of Mestre where we’ll have the first evening event on climate change in our city (h 19.00).
This year we’re happy to host an explanation by Sandro Carniel, first researcher on Oceanography at the CNR-ISMAR of Venice, on the role of oceans within the climate system.
After that a short brifieng with RWU participants and than… at home for dinner and the last night in our beds, before spending  10 days seated on our bike.
Tomorrow our tour will really start

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