Falling leaves, falling bycicles

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It is very common to go for a bycicle trip in Spring or Summer, a little bit less in Autumn. Obviously the weather is a higher factor of risk in this period but at the same time the landscape is simply unbelievable.
The different colors of leaves on trees and on the bike roads have a variety of shades from yellow to red that is not possible to describe,  but that touches directly the deepest part of your brain.
On this stage we really appreciated the beauty of the fallen leaves, but we also registered the record of cyclists fallen off  the bycicle. It happened two times for Gigi, one for Dino and one for Tony. We also had a couple of near miss for Tiziana and one for Gabriele. Probably the humidity on the road and the *beautiful* leaves facilitated it but in any case the good news is that nobody had medical consequences with these falls.
As usual the stage in München started at 8.00 am.
Manuel, an Italian guy from Montebelluna, living in Munchen for business joined us almost at our starting point and rode with us for approximately 10-15 km.
For the first time during this ride we had rain, but in the late morning it stopped raining and we changed our rain equipment. We also had a quick stop in Augsburg for lunch and a very quickly sightseeing tour of this very nice city.
At the end of the day we had ridden for around 120 km and we arrived in Donauworth, where Andreas Reiner of Donauworth municipality illustrated in the evening event the action of the city on climate change. We also had the intervention of Guido Lumpe, Airbus Helicopter, on the policy and actions on carbon management of his company and of Lucas Schwarz, Augsburg University, on and economical analysis on the spatial distribution  of different renewable power plant generators in Germany.
As usual a very interesting RWU event, but the day is gone and we walk for dinner and after that sleep, because tomorrow we’ll have the longest stage.

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