The rain arrived on our tour

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The RWU weather forecast, offered by Class meteo, is quite clear: rain!

The positive aspect is that the probability of rain is lower in the morning when we leave our hotel, at 8.00 am sharp.

We know that we have several appointments in München and it is not possible to be late so the group rides  togheter as a single body towards the Bavarian capital.
Paolo is our man for the bike itinerary, because he has planned every single track of this tour and is our official reference where we have to decide whether to  go to right, left…or straight. But today he leaves this responsibility to Ivan, our friend from Fidenza that lives in München and has decided to ride from Venice to…home.
Ivan has already ridden alone the stage from Rosenheim to München a few weeks ago and he is the prefect guide for a group of 21 riders that need to be on time. We were absolutely successful, arriving in München at 11.30. About  5-10 km from the centre we find Renz and Uhlriche, a couple that has  followed us from the beginning of our trip through our livemap system. We’re extremely happy to meet and ride with them, because this is exactly  the expectation of RWU project. They join us also with a short  article on RWU appeared yesterday in the newspaper. It is interesting to know that they are part of an association based in Germany interested in promoting  peace through the use of the bycicle, a kind of RWU for peace.
We are so early for  the first appointment at 1.00 pm that we decide to stop at Eataly to have a real espresso. Here we meet three guys from Brussels that told us about  an initiative happened in the Netherlands and France, where a group of citizens asked the Court to judge their country to not be active enough for climate change. We’ll study this initiative in more detail  later when we are  back in Italy.
After a  few minutes, always following us with livemap, another two guys join us,  Marco and Michael. Both are part of the group of people that promoted a referendum to ask for the imediate shut down of the coal power plant in München.
Marco and Michael ride with us to the Maximilliamneums where we have our group photo opportunity and we are really happy to meet Gunda and Samuel.
Every single part of the event that happened in München is due to the strong determination and energie of Gunda, with the valuable support of the young (19 years old) Samuel.
Gunda is also the first person we met in München in the 2014, during the first tour of RWU.
After the picture we move to another more comfortable square, where more people join us from several groups and associations, as the local critical mass movement. The group has increased a lot and almost 50 riders move to the square in front to the Opera, where  the periodic Pulse for Europe initiative is based and Daniele has the opportunity to present the RWU project and to promote a kind of RWU Germany for the 2018 COP24 in Poland.
Just the time to come down from the podium that the expected intense rain arrives. A quick change of dress and we ride together to the “schloss” a tent available for events where Samuel, Gunda, Michael and a Daniele discuss  the importance to create bottom up movement in the climate change fight.
Gunda offers her EU flag to Daniele as a wish for a fruitful tour (and later she will receive the RWU flag for her fantastic 3 wheel electrical bike).
The dinner together is also the opportunity to receive in real time the news that the referendum asking to close the coal power plant has won with 60% of support.Great news for our friends of München, but also a signal that a change is possible. We’ll ride to Bonn also for this reason.

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