Almost one hundred riders for the first RWU stage

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An impressive participation at the first stage of the RWU tour 2017.
Around 60 cyclists left together the Marghera Municipality, 20 more joined them in  Castelfranco and some more in Bassano main square. Among  them, also the former bike World Champion Moreno Argentin and the Italian Champion of Ultracycling, Angela Perin.
Here Renzo Masolo, the Bassano Municipality representative for  pedestrian and bycicle mobility, together with  Assessore Oscar Mazzocchin welcomed the group of cyclists on behalf of the whole city.
Then the Mayor of Cassola, Aldo Maroso, the Vice-President of FIAB Bassano, Andrea Dalla Rosa, and Daniele Pernigotti of RWU explained the meaning and importance of this initiative.
Later,  the group moved to S. Eusebio, where  Ponti di Pace (Bridges of Peace) association offered a very welcomed lunch to around 70 cyclists. They did  the same two years ago during our Venice-Paris tour, but yesterday the number of people to feed was really challenging for them! A huge thank you  to them and to Salumi Brunello and Panificio Beltrame that offered us a delicious lunch.
After lunch we moved to Borgo Valsugana, where we arrived at 4.30, after 124 km of  very pleasant cycling together.
After a quick shower we were ready for the evening event.
Renzo Masolo talked about  the impressive and clever work the Bassano Municipality is doing to promote and facilitate pedestrian and bycicle mobility in an enlarged area, including several villages around Bassano.

Renato Fabrello, a doctor that is part of the RWU group and has been studying the diseases connected with the nuclear disaster of Chernobyl for several years, presented an impressive amount of information in order to remind us that, even after more than 30 years, that unforgettable accident is not part of our past but is still strongly part of our present.

But it is already time for dinner and to go to sleep, because tomorrow our legs have to push our bycicles towards Bolzano/Bozen.

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