The RWU 2017 start! First stop at Borgo Valsugana

The RWU tour starts today at 8.00 am from the Marghera municipality. We’ll meet there a bunch of riders, some of them are friends, some are people we meet only once a year at the first stage of every RWU tour and some  are completely new entries.
It is difficult to say in  advance but we expect to have a group of at least 40-50 people.
The next stop will be at around 10.15 in  Castelfranco where more riders will join us and than straight to Bassano del Grappa where we’ll have a meeting in the main square (Piazza Libertà) at around 11.15-11.30 with representatives of local authority and FIAB (the Italian association of friend of the bycicle).
After a short break in Bassano we move towards Cornale where a very nice bycicle path begins , but before arriving  there we’ll stop to our friends of Associazione Ponti di Pace that will offer  a warm pasta to everyone . We still remember  the pleasure of this stop two  years ago during our tour from Venice to Paris…. yummy!!!
Other friends will be waiting for  us at  Cornale to join the group until the final daily stage at the Hostel in Borgo Valsugana, where we’ll stay for the night and host  the evening event.
Renzo Masolo, councilor of the Bassano del Grappa municipality with special responsibility on cyclibility, will illustrate the present situation and the future projects on local mobility for pedestrians and bycicles.
Nuclear power has often an important role in the discussion on climate change in relation to a possible switch from fossil fuel in the power generation. This is a legitimate debate but Renato Fabrello, a doctor that is  riding  with us to München, will show  us how Chernobyl,  after more than 30 years from the nuclear disaster,  is still part of our present.
After the conference the first dinner together and than straight to sleep to recover energy for our next target of Bolzano/Bozen.

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