To Konstanz

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To balance yesterday’s  difficult weather condition , caused by  the heavy snow, we expected a day with a better situation.

We deserved it … and we had it!
We woke up with a clean sky that uncovered an amazing landscape of a ring of white mountains all around us.
The second good news was  that Roberto’s bike had already been  fixed at 8.30, so we could start to ride perfectly in accordance with our schedules.
As expected, the counterpart of a shining sky is the cold temperature and we started to ride with a temperature of -3°C.
In the first part of the day we moved very carefully over a frozen ground, with the company of the weird sound of broken ice under our tires.
We rode all the day along very nice paths, but today we understood the meaning of the word “umleitung” (deviation), because November is the perfect time to work on these paths outside the city, as they are used by very few riders.
We found the first umleitung, perfectly indicated for km, just outside Bludenz and several more along our way.
In one of them, to avoid a long tour to go back to our original direction we decided to pass the bicycle through a very steep slope.
In Feldkirch we lost the gps connection with our track and there was no clear indication for our planned direction.
We decided for an alternative route, staying always on the flat path, avoiding the mountain.
At the end of the day we had ridden for 120 km instead of 91, but always with an easy and nice path.
The evening event was a critical mass organized by local people. But a large part of the group was missing because already in a bus towards Paris for a demonstration.
Instead of a real critical mass we has a nice bike tour through the city (we’d need to add further 10 km to our total score) and the opportunity to have a chat with them during  dinner. Thank you to Thomas, Jan and all the other friends for this.
It seems yesterday when we began our trip, but tomorrow we’ll be exactly in the middle of it and we now feel closer and closer to Paris.

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  1. Bruno says:

    Cara e cari, qui a Merano vi pensiamo in molti, ogni giorno c’è qualche occasione per nominarvi. State in gamba e tenete duro con l’inverno del Nord!
    L’haiku di oggi non è un haiku – è Biagio Marin, solo per voi che siete già così lontani dal vostro Adriatico:

    Mar queto mar calmo
    no vogie no brame
    respiro de salmo
    tra dossi e tra lame
    [Biagio Marin 1965]

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