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We say an enthusiastic THANK YOU  to all the  people that rode with us during the first stage of 120 km from Marghera to Borgo Valsugana.

Around 40 people left Marghera by bike with a large participation of riders associated with Pedale Veneziano and Team Oversize Marghera.
During our stop in Castelfranco 15 more riders joined us, including the Ultrabike Italian Championship Angela Perin and the Mayor of Cassola, Aldo Maroso.
On  Bassano Old bridge we received a beautiful and warm welcome from a large group of local people, including Girolibero representative, the Mayor assistant for Sport Oscar Mazzocchin and two members of the Municipality council, Renzo Masolo and Mariella Merlo. Renzo also has a special responsibility in the Municipality on walking and riding mobility.
After a few km we stopped in Campese for a rich sandwich lunch offered by The Association Ponti di Pace.
At our arrival  at 4 pm in the main square of Borgo Valsugana we received a formal welcome from the Deputy Mayor, Enrico Galvan.
Enrico was also   present during the evening event where we presented different experiences about using  bicycles for specific projects. The event was  introduced by Stefano Casagranda, formerprofessional  biker. Stefano illustrated a wide range of initiatives meant  to promote cycling  among young people
After him Claudio Bonato presented  last year’s  trip of Ride With Us from Venice to Copenhagen.
Alberto Fiorin (Pedale Veneziano) told us about his  journey  from Venice to Dubrovnik looking for different kinds of  reproduction of the San Marco lion.
Finally Roberto Laudati presented several initiatives of “Due route per la Ricerca”, an association for fund rising and other specific initiatives to promote the research on oncohematology
At the end of the day we may count around one hundred people that in different ways showed their support to the Ride With Us initiative!


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