Pole to Paris – A Journey For Change


Young scientists travel across the globe to talk about climate change and bridge the gap between science and society, ahead of COP21.The 12,000 km long Southern Cycle follows Dr Daniel Price, specialist in Antarctic climate, on his way from New Zealand to Paris. From the North, Dr Erlend Moster Knudsen, specialist in Arctic climate, takes on the lead of the 3000 km long Northern Run. Their team members Beth Ward and Oria Jamar de Bolsée join in the run throughout the UK, Belgium and France. They bring with them flags from the two Polar Regions – the regions where the fastest signs of climate change are now observed.

The two journeys are documented in a video series, beginning with the impacts of climate change at the poles and highlighting the global consequences if we fail to succeed in Paris. We aim to captivate the public and raise society’s consciousness on the issues and to increase public pressure on our leaders ahead of COP21.

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