TIS Innovation Park


TIS innovation park

Do you need help in realizing a project in the fields of technology and innovation? Then you have come to the right place. We are here to help, support and improve your innovation process, increase your technological competence and competitiveness. We offer support in the launch of your business, product development, know-how and technology transfer in conjunction with networking with other companies and partners in sectors such as Food, Wellness, Energy and Environment, Alpine Technologies (such as Wood, Construction, Sports and Winter Technologies, Civil Protection and Alpine Safety) as well as Free Software and Open Technologies.

The Cluster Constructions

The Cluster Constructions of the TIS innovation park is a network of innovative South Tyrolean enterprises of the construction sector.

In order to be the best, one needs to be unique. The mission of the Cluster is to accompany South Tyrolean small and medium – sized enterprises of the construction sector towards a continuous innovation process. Cluster activities have the target to realize new products, to enhance existing products, to optimize the use of resources and to develop new business models.

The Cluster considers innovation the essential instrument in order to create economic value and to achieve competitiveness.

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Why we support Ride With Us?

The buildings waste about half of global energy. Innovative technologies to build more efficient houses from an energy point of view are already available, so it is time to apply them. With this approach it is possible to reduce by up to 80% of the carbon dioxide emissions produced by the heating and hot water production systems, both in new buildings and in existing. Thanks to this, it is possible to fight the climate change. This is also why we advocate the ‘Ride With Us’ initiative.

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