The calm after the storm

Compared to yesterday’s stage, going down through the Salzach Valley was a breeze. We ride for about 95 km towards Salzburg by losing altitude progressively. This stretch was characterized by some “rise and fall” on the south side of the valley and then in the final part of the track.

The departure at 8.30 – due to the hotel that served breakfast a bit later than usual – and the milder temperature, set us well since the first bike ride.

Even today was characterized by some mishaps along the road: Gigi, a few km from the start punched holes, which happened also to Daniele a few miles from the arrival. However, these incidents were managed at supersonic speed by a team of professional mechanics (Dino, Massimo and Marco) that now moves as one voice. A problem with the change of Augustus and Massimo forced us to stop in a small village just down the valley, after a long nervous downhill, scattered by several “rise and fall”.

We arrived at the hostel before 16.30, where we prepared to the deserved rest of our legs that still remembered the difficulties that we passed through yesterday’stage.

After having dinner, we met for the daily meeting to plan the next stage, which, in addition to over 140 km, will be characterized by a rainy weather. This combination convinced a couple of us to go by train to save some more energy, after the effort on Thursday to reach Bad Hofgestein.

Normally a bit of nervousness, as always happens in these situations, during the evening meeting for different expectations on the cruising speed of the day.

Let’s see if the chat will show some results tomorrow in the long ride towards Linz.


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  1. MAURIZIO Caravella says:

    Magnifici, continuo a sentirmi con voi seguendovi dal sito. Buona continuazione e un abbraccio collettivo. Maurizio.

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