Cold is coming

It brought bad luck to break a pedal if you still have 100 km left to complete the stage? Not at all if your group pushed you for almost 10 km, or if you can count on the brilliance of Massimo who built a similar pedal by using a big bolt. And least but not last, the precious help of Elio from Chiusaforte Station who came to bring Susanna’s bike in order to looking for a bike shop equipped with threading machine to fix the new pedal.

Besides this, the second stage going very well, even if it was characterized by a slow but inexorable climb up to Tarvisio, where we arrived in the evening around 18.00 with a temperature of about -3° C.

Actually we did not lack for nothing, in fact from Venzone to Moggio Udinese we passed by the mountain following the unstoppable “rise and fall” instead of doing the highway.

Fortunately, the friends of Chiusaforte Station provided us an aboundant lunch (based on vegetables and carbohydrates: that’s what cyclists deserved) in their old train station turned into a fantastic bike bar.

From Udine Domenico and Giacomina – from FIAB of Udine – joined us to Pontebba and Venzone respectively.

Also the professional cyclist Alessandro De Marchi – called the “red Buia” – wanted to support our initiative, by changing his training schedule in order to meet all the RWU cyclists.

The Italian track ended in Tarvisio and by tomorrow we will pass through the Austrian boundaries, where we will ride for several days which will be characterized by definitely more freezing temperatures.


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  1. Michela says:

    Come sempre grande commozione per lo spirito che vi accomuna.

  2. Jeremy Davies says:

    Ciao tuti! I am sorry to read that Susanna had problems to overcome and overcome she did with the support of the team. You are all doing so well and you are received and cheered along the way in such style. Good. The weather is colder so pedal faster! I praise you and best wishes, Jeremy.

  3. Susanna says:

    I was humbled and in awe of how everyone helped and supported me and didn’t allow me to feel sorry for myself but set about doing what was required without making a fuss. An unforgettable experience. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I miss you all already!

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