From Bollewick to Rostock we found some good shortcuts

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Posted from Martellago, Veneto, Italy.

In the morning just few km after we left Bollewick we found the fog.

We had still on the memory the long and fast ride of the day before from Berlin. Therefore at the first stop for a warm coffee we considered the high level of humidity, together with the need to not miss the early appointment we had with the Rostock representatives, and we decided to looking for some shortcuts.

We succeed, because at the end of the day we ride only for 130 km instead for almost 170 initially planned.

After this decision the sun start to shine again  (as to underlined that we taken the right decision) and we were also able to reduce our speed.

Not being more in hurry we had a beautiful ride.

We arrived in advance to the appointment at Güstrow and we had also the opportunity to seat down and relax for a while.

Then we met the Rostock delegation, of around 10 people, and we ride together for 45 km to the town hall of the city, for our official welcome. We enjoy the last part of the German landscape with green and low hills.

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