Bollewick, almost cross all Germany

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Posted from Martellago, Veneto, Italy.

If somebody said us few months ago that we’ll have ride for more than  190 km in a single day… I’d thought he/she were crazy. But now I should change my opinion, because this is happened!

Today we ride from Berlin to Bollowick for this distance and we are still live. This is the confirmation of how the body exercise permit to achieve incredible result also to normal people. This is the reason because after two weeks on our bikes we are able to ride for very unexpected distances.

But if we succeed io arrive on time (or with a slight delate) to our appointment at the Village Kieve with the welcome group of Bollowicke we shall say a big THANK YOU to Michele, our Italian host of Berin. He guides us (by bike obviously) very quickly between the 22 km needed to go out from Berlin. Then Michele rode with us for around other 30 km showing to have understood completely the intention of our Ride With Us initiative.

We were lucky for the shining day with moderate wind. Our ride was part of the very famous bike track connecting Berlin with Copenhagen, mainly between lakes and forests. Today we also saw for the first time the indication “Copenhagen – 504 km”. We have only three more days, but we may do it!

Due to the change of one hour back on our clocks, now the sunset comes earlier. We start to ride from Berlin at 7.00, but we arrived in any case after the sunset, but this was also the opportunity of an unforgettable experience.

We were ride in the small part of forest in the dark, with the only support of our small bike lamps when a deer cross our road with a couple of jump just a couple of meter in front of us!

Claudio said that this unusual experience it balances the great effort of the day. But we have not time to enjoy a lot of this because a new challenge is waiting us with the last stage in Germany Bollowick-Rostock of around 160 km.

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    Wow, what a President!!!
    At the dinner for the opening ski season the DT want to touch the quadriceps!!!

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