Bioenergy village: renewable energy…and more

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Posted from Martellago, Veneto, Italy.

After the meeting at  Kieve village we rode with the welcome group to the Bioenergie centre for about 13 km.

Can you  imagine a 130- year- old barn of one hectare of covered area, completely renovated and turned  into  a center for  social, economic, cultural and renewable energy promotion? As Olaf said “in this building we wanted to use old bricks for new experiences”.

We had a ver pleasant dinner with the mayor of Bollowick village (promoting the renovation  of the barn between the 1995 and 2005), the mayor of another close village, some further key people  of the Bioenergie village and Olaf, a very active supporter of this experience (and the one  who organized also our evening event).

In the Bioenergy village   local products are promoted and also the food  mainly comes from organic farms.

We had an interesting discussion (in English, German  and Italian) about renewable energies, the  need to change the pattern from big to small energy producers, the need to create a stronger connection with cultural aspects to cope with climate change.

it was really a pity that our bodies were so  tired and we  had to  interrupt the interesting discussion and to go to sleep quiet early.

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