A very challenging day

138 km and around 1.700 m of total uphill, with our heavy luggage….

As expected the Bolzano-Innsbruck stage was a very strong experience for normal people as we are (not used to this kind of ride).

With the support of our friends Giulio Carollo and Carlo Ceccon we spent about 8,5 h seated on our bikes, most of them to get to the top at Brennero.

We shared an unforgettable experience with Giulio and Carlo and both are very sad for not having the opportunity to continue their ride with us.

But we spent the last part of our daily ride talking about the next project of Ride With Us: a lot of people riding form different parts of Europe to Paris next year, for the UNFCCC  COP, to show the politicians of every part of the world that people are really asking for a serious and ambitious climate deal.

But now it is time to think about¬† today… and Kufstein is waiting for us!

3 Responses

  1. giancoia says:

    Vai Lele faghea vedare ti!!!!!

  2. giancoia says:

    Ga domanda’ LA NONNA DE GIULIO: ma dove gavio dormio?

  3. Elena says:

    Un importantissimo viaggio ed esempio per tutti.

    Grande zio!!

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