A relaxed chat in Innsbruck with important players on climate change


Our RWU evening events are not necessarily always conferences or formal trainings.

Sometimes they are simply the possibility to exchange views and experiences from different sides.

It was the case of the Innsbruck event with representative of Klimabundnis, Argus-Radlobby and technicians on special projects and climate change departments of the local authorities.

We had a very nice evening with Anna, Michael, Martina and their friends drinking some biers and chatting on several aspects connected with climate change and how the awareness of citizen is (or should) evolved.

It was funny that also some friends not really involved on climate change topics were present and we try to push them to participate at the next Ride With Us initiative (Paris 2015).

It is good to inform him in advance…to give him the time to prepare to the next challenge.

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  1. Loris says:

    the determination of Daniel and Claudio is contagious, a very strong glue together for a single purpose, people from different cultures but of equal sensitivity and intelligence catalyzed by your challenge ………….. thanks guys

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