It is time to soffer


We believe that Bolzano – Innsbruck will be one of the harder stage.

For this reason we plan to start quiet early (8.00) from the Piazza Walther and to be very focused on our destination Innsbruck.

Our friend Michael Bürger of Klimabundis already rode on this track and he is the person that better may imagine how we may arrive to destination after 120 km, crossing the Alps.

For this reason he organized (with the support of Martina Gura of Argus Tyrol-Radlobby) a “small come-together” from 17.30-18.00 at Café Katzung, but the real evening event will be at 8.00 pm with the participation of Georg Kaser (Prof. at the Innsbruck University, expert on cryosphere and member of IPCC)

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