It’s time to go!

For the sixth time we are ready to take our bicycles and ride through Europe to shout in silence the need of a change. Tomorrow we will have the Prologue and on Saturday our tour will officially start.

We believe this is a very special year and not only for us and our project.
In Europe there was the Parliament election and the EU citizen have decided the women and the men that will responsible for the implementation of the Paris Agreement. We also expected to have the new EU Commission on place to be very active in the needed transition and to take the worldwide leadership at the international level…and the COP25 in Chile is very close now.

This year is also important because the young civil society created a very mass movement called “Friday 4 Future” (F4F) asking and acting to cope with climate change.

But there is also a bad news. GHG emissions are still growing, the climate is changing faster and the climate skeptics are again full of energy for their action of disinformation.

For this reason we need to act and we need to do it NOW!
We’ll ride our bicycles towards Brussels to spread out this message.  We hope that several citizens along the route will decide to ride with us and to participate at our evening events to discuss together about climate change.

The climate is already changing, now it’s time for us to change.

Ride With Us!

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