Breathe with us!

I found out about the ridewithus event from the web. Reading the article gave me an idea for integrating a project that we (Bruno and Michele) have been developing at TalentLab in Padova.


The idea has now been implemented (on paper at least) and we’ve called it Breathe-with-Us. I contacted Daniele Pernigotti to explain our project and his enthusiasm for it made us decide to proceed. Our project involves mapping the air quality along the way from Venice to Brussels by installing our sensor on a bicycle, analyzing various parameters – PM1.0, PM 2.5, PM 10, temperature, humidity, pressure and sending the data to the server for viewing and making public.


These georeferenced GPS data will be sent to the server via a GPRS link. We’re debating whether to have the sensor also show the data on a small display. We have to consider the energy balance too.


The sensor will be powered with rechargeable batteries, but it’s important to minimize the costs. The data received by the server will be visible in real time on a dedicated web page. We’ve already started running some preliminary tests. If you follow us, we’ll keep you up to date on our progress …


Work in progress stay tuned!



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